Psychic and Stone Readings


I do two types of readings, Spirit Self readings, and Stone Whispers.

Spirit Self Readings

Who am I and where am I going? Why am I here?

I look at your spirit self, and how you present yourself now, and the reasons that you came here. I give you information on finding more fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. This gives you increased understanding about the beautiful spirit that you are. Learning more about your specialness also adds more beauty to the world you live in.

Stone Whisperer Readings

For these readings, you select 1-3 stones that appeal to you–just go with the first 1-3 that light up for you. The stones reached out to you with messages and I read why you selected them. They may be a new stone for you or one you have always loved. This reading can go into deeper meanings and growth, or reinforce your current “path”, or aspects of yourself that you are reflecting to the world. Often you are not fully aware of the value of these traits. I have included some stone shots below but if you have 1-3 stones that you want read, just tell me.


I do phone readings for $20 for 15 minutes on weekday mornings from 8-11 Pacific time. Please email me at with the date and time that you would like. I’ll confirm and send you the Paypal information. 

You can get a shorter reading that the psychic fairs without an appointment–and I can usually accommodate people without a problem. If you want to pre-arrange a time, just email me,