I’m Grace Star, a stone artist, and a psychic reader who uses the energy of stones and the Earth to bring you information about your spirit self–why you came here and what will give you more happiness and gratification in your everyday life. You are a glorious being, and it’s always a pleasure to tell you why.

I have been a lifelong fine artist, and I bring these skills and training into my designs for stone art. I use primarily rough stones, because they suggest the Earth and its lush nurturing qualities. Stones are beautiful ambassadors of our planet, not to mention, they give us our own existence as our own bodies are water and minerals.

At local fairs (listed in the sidebar) you’ll find rocks and wrapped stone jewelry on my tables. Here are some of these stone friends. I also sell stone slab hangings, which have a very room quieting and meditative quality.




Two comedian skulls, green Grace the healer (a guy), and his sidekick Jasper, are always sneaking into photos. 

I also run the Blue Moon Spirit Psychic Fair on the first Sunday of the month in Edmonds, Wa.


In 2017 I wrote “Stone Friends: An  Introduction to Stone Energies”, and I have a second book about finding more joys, “Life is a Treasure Chest”. Both are available on Amazon.com.