A happy hello! 

This Saturday, March 23, Emerald Spiral at Kent Commons!
Sunday April 7th, Blue Moon Spirit Fair at Maplewood Rock Club!
Sat. and Sun, April 13 and 14 – really see my new designs at the Spring Maplewood Rock and Gem Club Sale!

IMG_4224 032119 new altarpieces IMG_4222

New altar pieces and new jewelry! And stones!!

Visit me at Emerald Spiral this Saturday, March 23, 9-5pm in Kent Commons. I have brand new products from my design line: standing stone candleholders, stone wand rests, stone burning bowls, and more! Address: Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave N, Kent, WA 98032

or the first two weekends in April at the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club, 8802 196th St. SW, Edmonds, WA.

Check out my February 2019 Fairs — the ever-fun Blue Moon Spirit in Edmonds on Sunday, February 3, 10am-5pm, and, a return to Magnuson Park for another Winter Night Indoor Fest on Saturday, Feb. 16, 3-10pm !  
See the sidebar for details!

In the coming weeks I’ll be returning to my original business name, StoneDeva.com. You’ll be forwarded there when the website is opened. In the meantime, I’m finally building my Etsy shop–StoneDevaStudio. You can find it at  www.etsy.com/shop/StoneDevaStudio 


Getting ready for two weekends full of fairs: Kent Crafts Fair–this Fri and Sat, Blue Moon Psychic Fair on Sun Dec. 2; and Winter Solstice Market at Magnussen Park next Fri and Sat, and a table at the fabulous Maplewood Rock and Gem Club sale Dec. 7-8; and on Sat-Sun Dec 8-9 (the lovely Karen Crane will woman the table on Saturday). Here’s some treats getting lined up–amethysts and candle holders with votive glass! And some new stone hangs in the wings!

IMG_2945 IMG_2947


adjusted candlestands and candleringsIMG_2728

Hot off the workbench! Some new candlestands and candlerings. Come see them at my Fall 2018 fairs!

ooh la la

New beauties for the Emerald Spiral tomorrow, September 23!!

IMG_2674 cardholders IMG_2678 candle2IMG_2681

Ahh, and what are these new creations? New pendants include a fluorite bear, Peru pink opal, blue lace agate, Peru blue opal, blue-gray grape chalcedony, dendritic agate, pink kunzite, and more. The middle items are crystal medication card holders, and, to go with them, are sets of meditation cards. And brand new stone candlebases. The candle bases are designed to bring the power and solace of our Earth into your space and reflections. (note, the photo makes them look tilted, but they are level)


Treats that are ready for Mill Creek fair tomorrow, Sept. 8, 2018 —Triway Grange Hall, 3509 Seattle Hill Road, Mill Creek, Wa.98296



FRESH OFF THE PLIERS for September 2018!

I’ve got some cool new products! It’s wonderful how a dream can drive you to successful creations. 🙂  Here’s my new stone candle bases, and a wall hanging. I’ve got some more new products also on the work tables that will be unveiled soon. Soo fun!  The candlebase holders are flat, even if the pictures are not. Some people like the raw stones, and some like the color stone additions. Hhmmm, not really pliers pieces….

IMG_2569 IMG_2573 IMG_2554 IMG_2567



 Here’s July’s treats ~~~~

Been having fun!  Check out these pieces:  new wands, and new pendants — turquoise, labradorite, rainbow obsidian, rose quartz, bumblebee jasper, tourmalated quartz, celestite. 🙂  


New things for May 2018

IMG_E1902 042818 camp edgewood my table 042818 chrysesIMG_1950 IMG_E1900042818 dragon stoneMsmnew resinn IMG_2039

From left, 1: Montana river agate, labradorite, morganite, aquamarine, spiderweb turquoise; 2: my table, full of rocks to play with; 3: 2 chrysocolla; 4: ocean jasper, lapis, mahoghany obsidian, sodalite, tektite, jasper; 5: “dragon stone”.

Brand new multistone pendants. Come see if any make your palms warm up and tingle. 🙂

Also, have a new batch of shungite stones to put in your water drinkers. Why? Just ask.

Rocks rock!



March 24, at Emerald Spiral, Kent Commons, 9-5  

Towers, clusters, new pendant wraps, wands!

cluster IMG_1769 dragon stoneIMG_1666 fair table IMG_1768 more pendants IMG_1827
































These lovelies have come to visit. Himalayan ice, also called Nirvana quartz, and growth obstruction quartz. A Buddist monk said that they will call to you when you are ready to ascend to the next level. Looking forward to sharing their energies at the March fairs. 


February 10, 2018 at Mill Creek, New Wraps!

020918 mc



Coming up tomorrow for Mill Creek (NWpsychicfairs.com), some new wraps: mookaite jasper, citrine, kunzite, amethyst, dumortierite quartz, druzy quartz, snowflake obsidian, and new stone friends! 

Saturday, February 10, 10-5, NW PSYCHIC FAIR, Bothell/Mill Creek.  Triway Grange Hall, 3509 Seattle Hillad, Mill Creek, Wa.98296





Stone Friends: Learning to Use Stone Energies

P1130524In this class you’ll learn how to recognize which rocks are calling to you, and why. You’ll grasp how stones for you can help nurture feelings of happiness, love, health, wealth, feeling good, abundance, and becoming part of a community. You will get live experiences with sample stones and I’ll give each person a short stone “reading”. Taught by Grace Star, author of Stone Friends on Amazon.com. To sign up, email “yes!” to StoneWhisperings@mail.com.   At Vision Quest, 6915 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203.  

A Saturday Class on Stone Energy Reading was held on Sat. Jan 27, 2:30-4:30pm


January 2018 Fairs

a intention wands

Got some brand-new wraps–intention wands and meditation pieces, and some new wraps! Looking forward to a great new year! Check out my fair schedule in the side menu. Blessings to all. 



November Fairs

1117 new fair wraps ADJUSTED WEBUpdate–Sun. Nov. 5, winter’s saying hello. Come see me at the Blue Moon Fair today, 10am – 5pm. Enjoy some warm tea and rocks!

Been busy having fun! Here’s a preview of fun stuff at my fair tables (see schedule in sidebar). Here comes the carpet…. polka dot jasper, multi-vision elestial quartz(can’t see forms here), peru blue opal, delicious river agate, lush carnelian, crazy lace agate, blue topaz, and more. Having a great time and can’t wait to share stone stories!

REVISED AMAZON COVER 100517AND, my book is done and published! I have a presentation at the Maplewood Rock and Gem Club Monday, November 20, 7pm.

Available on Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/Stone-Friends-Introduction-Energies/dp/1977946992/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1509727702&sr=8-2&keywords=stone+friends+by+grace+star


October 2017 Fairs 

a sw oct 17

Yikes, September disappeared. Got  more of that deeelicious burgundy and ochre mookaite jasper from Australia, lots of rosy quartzes, a lovely blue agate–come read its story. Some emeralds and rubies, veeerrrry coooooll quartz crystals that are excellent–harvested at Crater Lake 50 years ago–put them in your hand, they go powww–some have yellow sulphur on them–what an amazing Earth we live on.

I’m once again doing stone readings — choose up to 3 stones, or I can, and I will relate them to your current self and how your are increasingly expressing your spirit self–which is true joy!

August 2017 Fairs — new arrivals!

New arrivals, come visit my table and let’s rock! Are these guys beauties or what?

fern fossile, pyrite

A fern fossil–what you can’t see in the photo are multicolor pyrite specs all over the top of it–irridescent and mindblowing,



a gorgeous standing green rock (moss agate?) and some new knock-your-socks-off quartz crystals wrapped,green rock, necklaces

septarian standing slab with a beautiful pattern.




black pendantSee the sidebar for what fairs I’m at this month.

New treats! June 2015

a table calcite rose q a table jumble 0517 a table assortment


Rocks rock! I love stones, ambassadors from Mother Nature. They glorify our lives and remind us we’re a part of this astounding planet. It is a true joy to hold and touch stones, feel their energies, wrap them or just admire them, and, best of all, share them with others at the fairs I attend. Come play with the rocks. Let them “talk” to you. (I have a few very bossy ones myself, and a couple of clowns.)

If you’re curious, check out my readings page here, because one thing I do IMG_0674are stone readings. You are a glorious being, and it’s always a pleasure to tell you why.

Here are some stone friends from my fair tables tables.


img_1109 img_0724img_0894img_0737 Here’s a couple of pranksters, Grace (green) and Jasper (red). The green one is actually a dopey, happy-go-lucky healer-guy. grace and jasper


So many beautiful stones, so many friends to wear and take around with you. I love working with these beautiful energies, and love it when someone tries it on and the stones light up!

Check out my old site JewelsofAscension.com to see more.